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Free Standard Installation

Our residential services come with standard hardware and installation by one of our skilled technicians.

Outstanding Local Support

We have continually strived to bring fast and efficient service and support to the communities we serve. 

Ultra Fast and Reliable

Bring a whole new internet experience at the speed of light on a reliable fiber cable network to your home or business.

Your #1 Choice For Fiber Internet

We are proud of our continuing expansion based on the evolving needs of our community to compete in a global market. We operate a cutting edge fiber to the home network guided by a team of local leadership. We strive to bring the best Internet and communications products to the communities we serve.

No Contract

Up to 1 Gig data speeds

Hardware Included

VoIP Phone Service

Reliable, high-quality VoIP phone service anywhere

Our modern VoIP phone systems provide a reliable and unlimited IP telephone solution, to include standard and advanced calling features that can manage calls and elevate business workflow and promotes simplicity at home.

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Hdd Broadband and HDD Inc. are once again offering a $5,000 scholarship from each company to assist high school seniors who wish to attend a 2 year tech program in lieu of...

Q3 Projections

Tallassee city limits along Gilmer Ave Tallassee city limits along Freeman Ave Rural Tallassee areas towards Kent Rural Tallassee areas towards Macedonia Rd

To all of our wonderful customers:

Thank you for trusting us with your internet and VOIP needs, but most of all thanks for being so amazing! We really appreciate you and hope you enjoy being a part of the HDD...

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